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Revolutionary Diapers
That Achieve The Best Results

Revolutionary Diapers
That Achieve The Best Results

Say Goodbye To Leaks + No More Blowouts, Cloud Like Softness, Sustainable, Ultra Absorbent, Amazing Comfort & Made With Love.

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About Us

Sweetums was born out of a simple purpose to provide parents with everything they need in a diaper. We have a passion for providing young families with the highest quality diapers. Our products are tried and tested with young families so that you know what you are putting on your baby will keep them safe, comfortable, and leak-free. Say goodbye to loads of laundry, no more diaper creams and be able to get a goodnight sleep.

Love from our customers


These diapers are super soft

These diapers are so soft! They are also highly absorbent and the cinched waist band improves the fit and prevents blowouts.


Super soft diapers

We like these diapers because they are super soft. Our daughter seemed to be comfortable in them. She moved around in them good and the diaper held her pee, no leaks. But we absolutely love how soft they are and definitely comparable to pampers saddlers


Softest diaper i've ever purchased

This diaper is amazing! Everything from the elastic waistband, comfort, to the absorbent padding is top notch. I'm really impressed on how soft these diapers are. These are the softest diapers i've ever purchased. My daughter took a liking to them right away and never batted an eye at night, or during the day. Absorbency is great, my baby has never had a blowout. I would highly recommend these diapers.


So Soft

The diapers are amazing my daughter loves them the material is so soft everytime I put them on her it puts smile on her face.


These Diapers are Fantastic

These Diapers are fantastic. They are super soft & super comfy and my baby has never had a blowout. The fit is great, they aren't bleached or full of irritating fragrances, parabens & lotions. Sweetums diapers have put up with blowouts, a'lot of urine, and does well with pulling away moisture from the babies skin. What stands out the most is how soft this diaper is.
Yodeet Lawson


The best quality

Thank you sweetums for the amazing diaper. Absolute theeee best quality provided and safe for our little one. I highly recommend to all. My son is happy and comfortable in his leak free long lasting sweetums.


Very comfortable, well designed to fit & the diaper is really light

Both of my babies tried the diapers and they were very comfortable. There is absolutely no leakage and the diapers were suitable to my otherwise sensitive skinned babies. I liked that the diaper are well designed to fit and are really light.


Actually the softest diaper ever!

These are the best diapers we have ever used!!I What stands out to me the most is that they are super soft it gives you a snug feeling wrapping your babe in them. My baby also hasn't had one single blow out, no leakage and zero rashes!!


Great stretch & really soft

The wetness indicator worked really well. Sturdy and very soft on the inside (side that touches baby’s skin). Great stretch & very snug. The diaper prevented leaks. Held the moisture, no clumps and didn’t get heavy. Stays dry much better than Pampers brand. Good fit & Full bum coverage.


Smartly designed diaper!

My daughter is 7 months old and she loved the Sweetums diaper. The material was really soft and the size was slightly bigger than other diapers her size, which helped in my case giving a perfect snug fit. My happy baby could comfortably crawl around wearing the diaper. Also a very cool feature is the elastic/tape in the back of the diaper. Unlike other diapers, I did not have to fold the back of the diaper to create a dam to avoid any poop overflow. The diaper hugged her back perfectly and I did not have to worry about any leakage. This is a very high quality and smartly designed diaper!


Protecting your kids is our priority

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of your family. All of our products are rigorously tested and verified to be 100% safe for all ages. With us, you get the peace of mind knowing that we provide superior quality products that exceed every industry standard of safety.


You live a busy life. You don't need to add a failing diaper to your list of concerns. Our products are designed to keep up with you and your family through even the most hectic situations. And with thoughtful features and innovative materials, you won't have to worry about frustrating interruptions to your day—from busy time to playtime.


We are continually adapting, innovating, and improving our products based on feedback from our customers. If you have a compliment, idea, or concern, our dedicated customer care team is ready to work your feedback into every aspect of our design process. Our products ensure that you'll always get the latest in quality and safety advancements.


As a company, we aim to be fully transparent through our entire production process. More importantly, however, we’re a company made up of people with families. We value the trust our customers place in us, and we take pride in offering exceptional products for everyone—from our family to yours.

Revolutionary Diapers

$17.99 CAD

 We understand that your baby's health and comfort are your first priorities. So, we put in the extra effort to continually innovate our diapers, finding new ways to keep them clean, comfy, and happy.


 Leak-Free Design Your baby sleeps better when they're dry, and they live life with a smile on their face. Designed with dual-channels for enhanced absorption and a softer, more supportive hypoallergenic lining these diapers keeps babies warm, comfortable, and dry all day or night long. We have specially designed our diapers to absorb and hold fluid longer than the competition and without any uncomfortable or messy leaks. It helps prevent diaper rash, keeps your baby dry, and lets them live like the cheerful bundles of joy they deserve to be. 

  Absorbent Liner Our diapers are outfitted with an extra layer of protection to keep your little one's skin dry, even when they've wet themselves. This liner keeps your baby dry, prevent diaper rash, holds in explosions, prevent irritation and keeps your baby comfy while they wait for a change.

  Change Alert Stripe Are you tired of having to guess when it's time to change your baby? Our diapers have a built-in change alert stripe that tells you exactly when your little one needs a new diaper, helping to keep them clean and comfy without all the guesswork.

  Stretch Band Diapers are never sized perfectly, but our stretching waistband allows ours to adapt to your child's exact fit! Our flex-fit waist band ensures your babies can move freely without them slipping or sliding off.

  Trusted Hypoallergenic Materials diapers which are made with 0% chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens and latex to ensure they’re safer for infants, newborns, and toddlers.

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