How To Prevent Diaper Leakage


We all as parents have had our fair share of leaky diapers. Diaper leaks could’ve happened just about anywhere. There is no enjoyment with having to deal with leaky diapers. Here are some ideas on how to prevent diaper leakage.

Diaper size

Having the right diaper size is one solution to preventing your baby’s diaper from leaking. If you notice recurrent leakages, it might be time to change your baby’s diaper to a larger size. When a diaper is too small for a baby there is not enough material to absorb your baby’s volume of pee properly which then can lead to a diaper leakage.

Diaper Fit

When your baby has a diaper that fits perfectly your baby is less likely to have a leaky diaper. Check to make sure your baby is snug with the diaper just under the belly button and the leg cuffs are neatly wrapped around your baby’s legs and bottom. If you notice any red marks appear on the waist or legs that means the diaper is too tight. Make sure you run your fingers through the cuffs to make sure your baby is comfortable and has enough space. A proper fitting diaper should come slightly below your little one’s belly button.

Planned Diaper Checks

One of the easiest ways to prevent diaper leaks is to handle it before it happens. You’re probably wondering how do we even do that we’re not mind readers; however, you do know your little one better than anyone else and you’ll eventually start to figure out when your baby needs to be changed. Good times to regularly check your baby’s diaper is:

• The morning when they wake up

• After eating

• Before naps

• After naps

• Before bedtime 


The Perfect Diaper

Finding the right diaper is important. You want a diaper that is snug, flexible, has an elastic waistband and very soft. Look at Sweetums Shop for the right diaper that can handle your baby’s everyday needs.

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