How to Save Money on Diapers

Diapers are expensive, and they add up fast. So, wouldn't you love to earn some free diapers? With Sweetums Diaper Cash, you can! As a parent, every penny counts, and we aim to make sure you can save as many as possible. So, stack up those loyalty points and trade them in for freebies:

How it works:

. Earn 400 points for creating your account on our website

. Earn 400 points for every purchase you made

. Write a review & get 100 points

. Share on Facebook 50 points

. Like us on Facebook 50 points

. Follow us on Instagram 50 points

. Refer a friend get $10 off your next purchase and they get $5 off their purchase

. It’s your baby’s birthday get 300 points


Ways to redeem your rewards

• 1000 points get $5 off your purchase

• 2000 points get $10 off your purchase

• 3000 points get FREE diapers

We appreciate all of our customers that’s why created this loyalty program for you to save as much as possible!

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