How to Tell When Your Baby Is About to Start Walking

Your baby first steps can be some of the most amazing and unforgettable moments of parenthood. A ‘lot of parents want to know when their baby is going to start walking, and what are the signs that it’s going to happen soon. At a very young age, your baby improves their muscle strength so that they can gradually prepare their selves to take their first steps.

Once your baby starts walking, it materializes in junctures, which involve these major events. At 6 months Babies will start to sit up on their own. Typically, at 6 months your baby will start to rock back and forth on their hands and knees because they are preparing their selves for crawling. In the middle of 6 to 13 months your baby will begin to crawl. Between 9 and 12 months, your bundle of joy will commence to pull their selves up. In the middle of 8 and 18 months, is the preliminary stages of baby starting to walk for the first time. Here are our top 5 indicators that your baby might be ready to start walking.

1.Pulling themselves up to stand and once your baby learns how to pull their selves up to stand, it’s only a matter of time before they start taking little step forward.

2.Cruising around while holding on to something which could be anything from furniture to even your leg.

3.Walking with assistance which you can help by holding their hand while your baby walks, holding their arms and using push toys which can be used once your baby has the ability to stand up and can bounce up and down. This will help instil a balance in their bodies.

4.Standing on their own, keep in mind your baby maybe only able to stand for a few seconds at first, but gradually they are standing longer once they strengthen their hips, legs and core muscles.

For your baby this is a huge accomplishment that takes bodily strength, belief, and a safe place to practice. Keep in mind that every baby grows and develops at their own pace.

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