Tips On Getting Your Baby To Nap During the Daytime

Naps play an important role in a child’s physical and emotional development. When your baby naps it’s a calming time for yourself and your baby. The practice of getting your baby to nap during the day can sometimes be a bit challenging. We provided you with some guidelines for helping your baby get the sleep that they need.

How to ease your baby into nap time:

1. Establish a nap time routine. We suggest you put your baby down for naps around the same time each day. This is the best way to make sure your baby’s sleep schedule is dependable.

2. Arrange the atmosphere by putting your baby in a dark and quiet environment which will assist your baby in sleeping.

3. Pay attention to your baby’s sleep signals. When your baby starts rubbing their eyes, getting cranky, droopy eyelids and fussiness these are signs that your baby is ready to sleep.

4. Stick to a consistent schedule by getting your baby to nap at the same time everyday which will allow them to develop a regular sleeping pattern.

5. Babies thrive on routine so set the mood. Read a story or sing a song followed by a back rub. This will send your baby cues that it’s time to rest.

The rewards of getting your baby into a regular effective sleep schedule will help your baby stay happy and healthy.

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