Why Baby’s Diapers Need To Be Changed Frequently


Every baby is unique, and how often your baby goes can differ from day to day. When it comes to how often you should be changing diapers, we advocate about every two to three hours if your baby is a newborn, and less habitually when they get older because their feeding schedule is adjusted to solid foods, which may mean fewer wet diapers, but we still recommend checking every couple of hours.

Diapers need to be changed frequently to help prevent rashes and irritations. Typically, this means you would be changing your babies’ diapers 12 times per day.

Inspect your baby’s diaper prior to you bottle feeding your baby. After your baby is finished with the bottle you can check again. If your baby has fallen asleep, then no need to wake the baby up unless the diaper is very wet or your baby has pooped in the diaper.

When breastfeeding, as you shift from one breast to the other, we recommend that you change your newborn’s diaper beforehand or during feedings if required.

Sweetums has a stripe alert which goes from yellow to blue letting you know when it’s time for your baby’s diaper to be changed.

Another sign that your baby’s diaper needs to be swapped is when they cry. When babies cry that is their way of communicating which could mean the baby is wet, hungry, tired, bored, in pain, uncomfortable, or unhappy.

Nighttime diaper changes are different. If your baby isn’t exceedingly wet you can let them sleep. Sweetums offers a super absorbent diaper, so that your baby’s sleeps right through the night without no complications.

Your baby might urinate as frequently as every one to three hours and have between two and five bowel movements a day. Your baby can pass a stool after every feeding. The bowel movements can go down when your baby starts to eat more and matures throughout the first month.


There are some health reasons to think about if you don’t change your baby’s diaper regular basis.

• Babies who remain in soiled diapers for too long can get urinary tract infections and diaper rashes

• Baby feces can aggravate your baby’s skin

• Existing bacteria can lead to a bladder infection

Sweetums diapers absorb moisture extremely well, so you may not always be able to measure their wetness until they're saturated. We suggest that you check to see the wetness of the diaper every couple of hours. The simplest way to avoid leaks or any mess in your baby diaper is frequent changes.

Author: Karel Peart 

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