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About Us

About Us

Sweetums goal

Sweetums was born out of a simple goal to make parents and their babies feel supported. We have a passion for providing young families with the highest quality diapers. Our products are tried and tested with young families so that you know what you are putting on your baby will keep them safe, comfortable, and leak-free. At Sweetums, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide families with the best diapers at an affordable price.

Our Story

Our founder, Karel Peart, leads with a passion for quality and care when it comes to your child’s needs. Peart started Sweetums from his home office in Mississauga, Ontario, with a vision to work hard everyday to build the best baby diapers, innovate & inspire healthier diapers that cause no unnecessary harm to your babies. The reason why he started Sweetums is because he was looking for something that he would be passionate about and be able to love what he's doing, build a community and build relationships with his customers. Peart's mother played a huge part in him starting the company. The reason why is because of her line of work. She's been a nurse for 40 + years. She takes care of premature babies before they’re ready to go back to their families. When Peart was in that amazing atmosphere seeing all the newborn babies in the hospital made him develop a strong love towards babies. Seeing his mother at her job in action and the connections she has with the babies and the stories she’s tells him about how happy the families are with her wonderful service made Peart want to be able have those same experience with babies and families. So he decided to start Sweetums to provide parents babies with an high performance diaper that suits your babies every need and provide parents with an amazing customer service experience because service is important to him and so are his customers.

The best possible experience

Supporting your child’s hindquarters is not where our passion stops. At Sweetums, we care about giving young families the best possible experience. We love building real connections with our customers so that our new parents feel just as supported as their baby’s tush. We pride ourselves on customer service that reaches a personal level. As new parents, you deserve an experience that is sincere and joyful.
At Sweetums, we want you to trust that our products are of the highest quality. Our service is dependable, thoughtful, and thorough. We want to be your partner in making your parenting experience one full of joy.

Our Company

High-quality brand, made affordable, supported by the best customer service available! A company that you can trust to provide the best for you and your baby. A place thoughtfully designed for new parents to ensure that ordering the best products is as simple as possible. At Sweetums, we have a passion for providing better solutions for parents when it comes to your baby’s need. You have a new baby to love and care for let Sweetums cover the rest.
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