No, our diapers do not use any water-based inks, as they can stain skin.
No, our diapers are not scented, as using scents can cause irritation, so we avoid them altogether.
Our diapers are made from top-quality materials, such as cotton-soft, non-woven fabrics, an independent core, resin for absorption, and a permeable membrane for comfort.
Yes, all of our diapers are made with materials that are safe for every skin type.
All diapers are Oeko Tex and Non-Glyphosate certified.
No, none of our diapers contain this extremely harmful chemical.
Yes, all diapers are tested by a certified dermatologist
Yes, all of our diapers are made using environmentally conscious best practices, and each product undergoes the REACH test before packaging.
All materials used within our diapers are biodegradable, except for the plastic waistband.
Every piece of our diapers besides the plastic waistband tape is sustainably produced.
Yes, none of our diapers are manufactured with animal byproducts or products that were tested using animals.
Yes, we use Japanese SUMITOMO and SAANDIA SAP to achieve maximum absorption.
If your child’s waist is leaking out of the sides or back, it is time to size up. It is also time to size up if your child experiences irritation along the leg holes or waistband of their diaper.
Yes, we use a Weyerhaeuser for added absorption.
The beads are an absorbing agent called SAP. Unless a great many are ingested, the beads are completely harmless to your baby and its skin.
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Sweetums has partnered with Midday Bear. We source our premium raw materials from around the world and assemble them in China.
Order process time takes 1 business day before we ship out your diapers.
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