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Exciting rewards at your fingertips!

Diapers are expensive, and they add up fast. So, wouldn't you love to earn some free diapers? With Sweetums Diaper Cash, you can!

Let’s explore the exciting rewards

Explore different ways

We make it super easy for you to earn points! Explore different ways on how you can earn points

Earn points

Earn (400 points) for every purchase made

Create your Account

Earn (100 points) for creating your account on our website


Write a review & get (50 points)

Discounted Price

(1000 points) $5 off
(2000 points) $10 off
(3000 points) Free Box of diapers


Share on Facebook (50 points)
Like us on Facebook (50 points)

Happy Birthday

Is it your Birthday? Get (300 free points). It’s our way of saying “Happy Birthday” to our amazing customers!


Follow us on Instagram (50 points)

Refer a friend

Get ($5 off) for referring a friend. How you can do this:

1. A loyalty member sends a friend their referral URL 📩
2.The friend clicks the link and inputs their email address into Smile 📧
3. Once the friend inputs their email, they'll receive the "Friend" reward from the referral in the amount of $5 💸 and it will appear in an email & as a coupon code in the Smile panel as well
4. After the friend has made a purchase, you will receive $5 points in the Smile rewards panel 💰

Managing Rewards

Our rewards program is easy, fast & exciting. Click on our engaging rewards widget and pop up panel on the bottom right hand side of the page to manage your rewards.

Refer and Earn More Points

Diapers are expensive, and they add up fast. So, wouldn't you love to earn some free diapers ?
With Sweetums Diaper Cash, you can! As a parent, every penny counts, and we aim to make
sure you can save as many as possible. So, stack up those loyalty points and trade them in
for freebies:

  • 3000 points= A free box of diapers!

  • Join, Win, Enjoy!

    Don't forget to join our one-of-a-kind contest where you can win free box of diapers, gift cards & many more prizes!
    We love to give back to our community and it's an honor to serve your needs.
    Follow us on social media and keep an eye on other exciting offers as well.

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